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EMC Part: Final Comments     

The final course marks are published: EMC Marks

Please check that I have recorded all your marks correctly. The reports and my comments on your presentations will be outside my office from Wednesday morning. Please collect them there.

The class average is high (75%), but you have all participated actively and with insight. Your feedback is constructive and helpful, thank you. Good wishes for your remaining course and skripsie period. HCR

HCR EMC Summary of Experiments and Standards

Stds schedule.pdf

Course Introduction

Sertifisering 442-2007-Studiegids.pdf

Certification 442-2007-Study Guide.pdf

HCR sertifisering intro.pdf

EMC Material

Twin Flex expts.pdf

IEC and CISPR standards.pdf

Practical: Codes and Paper

EMC paper on expts



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