Welcome to the homepage of of the final year research project for students of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, as well as select students from Mechatronic Engineering. The module is officially known as Project (E) 448, or more informally as the "Skripsie". The module in 2012 is coordinated by Mr Johann Treurnicht. (Please see the contact page for further details.)

Please ensure that you read through the study guide for the module. English Version | Afrikaanse Weergawe.

Skripsie Topics

Al the Skripsie topics have been assigned. You can download the final list here:

Skripsie Topic Assignments 2012

Our Banner

The image that we used for our module banner is a screenshot of a software package known as SEMFEM (Stellenbosch Electrical Machines Finite Element Method) which was developed by Stiaan Gerber as a Masters Project with Johann Strauss in 2011.