Technical Program

Sessions were organized by invited session organizers with session topics along the following lines:

  1. Adaptive Methods
  2. Advanced FEM Techniques: Formulations, Solvers, Discrete Representations
  3. Optimization Techniques, Parameter Space Sweep
  4. Time domain FEM: Theory and Applications
  5. FEM Applications: Antennas, Materials, Bio-electromagnetics
  6. Mathematical Aspects of FEM
  7. Hybrid Methods (FE-BI/FDTD, etc.): Theory and Applications
  8. FEM Applications: Waveguides, Components, Active Devices, Lumped Elements
  9. Multigrid- and Domain Decomposition Methods
  10. CAD/Meshing Advances and Tools

Two special sessions were also added:

  1. Plenary session
  2. Special Session in Honour of P.P. Silvester

The final technical program can be viewed here.