Instructions for Authors

The format of the workshop will be 15 minute presentations, followed by 5 minute question breaks. A PC and data projector, with Powerpoint and Acrobat, will be available for presenters.

(Note: the technical program is now closed, and late submissions will only be considered in exceptional circumstances).

Authors must submit a single page abstract describing their presentation. Abstracts should be no more than 500 words in length. The title should be the main heading, with affiliations and contact details immediately below. Abstracts must be submitted by no later than 27 January 2006. The workshop does not involve the submission of full papers. (A Special Issue of the journal "Electromagnetics" has been arranged with the editor, provisionally scheduled for publication in early 2007. Papers for this Special Issue will be invited at or shortly following the conference.)

Workshop submissions must take the form of a document (the abstract) attached to a covering e-mail. We have a strong preference for pdf-files. The covering e-mail should state clearly what session the paper is intended for. A list of sessions can be found here. If an author has been contacted directly by a session organizer, the abstract can be sent to that organizer, otherwise it can be sent directly to either the General Chair (David Davidson) or the Technical Program Chairman (Matthys Botha).

Regardless of the deadline, we encourage authors to make their submissions as soon as possible, since it will facilitate our planning.