This module, housed at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University, is an introduction to the principles of electrical machines and power electronics for use in electro-mechanical energy converstion systems. The following topics are covered during the course of this module:

  • Electromechanical energy conversion
  • Introduction to rotating electrical machines
  • Basic working of direct current machines
  • Basic working of alternating current machines (synchronous- and induction machines)
  • Inverter-fed synchronous machine and control
  • Inverter-fed induction machine and control
  • Converter-fed direct current machine and control
  • Basic working of single phase motors
Please ensure that you read through the study guide for the module.
Study Guide | Studiegids.

Study Material

The prescribed textbook for this module is:
Umans, S.D. ,Electric Machinery, Seventh Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2014, ISBN: 978-007-132646-9

Book Cover

The seventh edition of Umans is new and differs from previous editions. We will work in this course strickly with only the seventh edition.